Your Wholesale Partners for Connectivity and Voice


Agility Communications has signed a deal worth €1.5m

Why Partner with Us?

Agility’s partner reseller business model is to focus on our wholesale partner requirements having developed a service portfolio that provides quality of service that makes us easy and transparent to do business with both at presales to help win the business and after sales support. We pride ourselves on working closely with our partners to enable them to win the business by understanding what their customer requirements.

/On-site Presales Design Assistance
On-site Presales Design Assistance
Our team of experts will assist you onsite with your customers to understand their design requirements and implement the design solution working with you to win the business.
/Competitive pricing
Competitive pricing
We understand our partners market which is very competitive on pricing and recognising this we offer very competitive pricing and special price support when required to win the business.
/Support Centre NOC
Support Centre NOC
Our support centre has highly skilled engineers always available. Our partners deal direct with our NOC engineers not through a call centre that passes it on to engineers but directly with them. Our NOC engineers are supported by exceptional high skilled core engineers who when required work with both the partners engineers and our NOC engineers. We provide the best support structure possible in any organisation.
/Business support
Business support
Business support - market, product and systems training available through the Agility Partner Programme
/Financial support
Financial support
Financial support a variety of terms available to help you manage your finances.

System Tools

Online ordering Portal and Multi-user connectivity Monitoring software

Our Portal enables our partners to log in and download the information of the connectivity services available in the geographical location of your client.
Our Portal enables our partners to provision the services ordered online at any time of the day, providing maximum control, increased visibility, reduced overheads and the shortest time frame for delivery.
Our Portal enables our partners to have full visibility of when the service is being installed and the go live date.
Our multiuser monitoring software enables our partners to have full visibility to your client’s site of each connection thus quick solution when issues arise. There are also Pro-active alerts sent via email notifying our partners when an issue may arise on their connection.
/Account management
Account management
Engineering Pre-Sales; In addition to all the on-line tools to assist our partners each partner will have a dedicated account manager easily contactable for pre-sales support, provisioning and pre-sales engineers to design the best solutions to enable our partners offer their client the bests solution.